Insignum is a young German Watch Brand that is one of the most upcoming watch brands in the last decade. With limited editions of 499 pieces worldwide these watches were sold out pretty fast. The new Insignum Watches collections without limitations are called the Premium Insignum.

All Insignum Watches are high quality watches with unique, sportive designs.

Mega Watch is official dealer of Insignum Watches and therefore we can guarantee authenticity by a certificate and have fast delivery and great service as on all our watches.

Check out the full collection of Insignum Watches and order them directly.

Insignum Abitus, Insignum Activa, Insignum Actus, Insignum Axis, Insignum Campus, Insignum Corium, Insignum Epoche, Insignum Forum, Insignum Praefect, Insignum Pulsus, Insignum Quantus, Insignum Subwave, Insignum Tempus, Insignum Vescor
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