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Hugo Boss Watches - All Hugo Boss watches online

Hugo Boss

By many people Hugo Boss evokes the image of a successful businessman in suit. Because of this the brand created a strong image for Hugo Boss. If you are a fan of luxurious, then Hugo Boss watches are probably something for you. With Hugo Boss watches you evoke self-esteem and ambition: you are in control and you know what you want.

Designs of Hugo Boss watches

The designs of Hugo Boss watches are strict and luxurious. The brand follows the modetrends and at the same time the brand stays distinguished. There are Hugo Boss watches which evoke classic and business, but there are also robust and sportive watches available. Hugo Boss only uses high quality materials. So are you looking for an exclusive and stylish qualitative watch, then you are at the right place at Hugo Boss.

Take a look in our collection of Hugo Boss watches and find the watch which match with you!

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History of Hugo Boss watches

The founder of Hugo Boss is Hugo Ferdinand Boss. He was born in 1885 in Germany. In 1923 he started his own company, Hugo Boss, in Metzingen. Hugo Boss produced for instance the new black uniforms of the SS, which are designed by the SS-Oberführer and a graphical designer. This supported Hugo Boss to maintain the company while there was war. After the second world war Boss got a fine for his support to the Nazism. This amount was 100.000 mark. Hugo Boss died in 1948.

The success of Hugo Boss watches

Hugo Boss has many selling-points in more than 100 countries. It became a worldwide brand. Hugo Boss has been a success because of the distinguished-capacity. The Hugo Boss watches are very unique, they evoke luxurious and calmness. Most Hugo Boss watches have natural and neutral colours, for instance black, brown, silver and rose gold. The watches match perfectly with formal clothes, but you can also wear the watches with an informal outfit. With Hugo Boss watches you always get high quality for the price you pay.

Hugo Boss brands

Hugo Boss is separated in different brands. The Hugo Boss watches in these collections all have their own style, but still evoke the image of the brand.

-         Boss Black (modern and classic women-mode and men-mode, formal and informal)

-         Boss Selection (especially classic-mode, equally the most expensive line)

-         Boss Orange (sparetime-mode, bright colours and unique materials)

-         Boss Green (sport-mode)

-         Hugo (unconventional-mode)

Do you have further questions about Hugo Boss watches? Then you can call or e-mail us. We are happy to help you!